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What is Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) Scheme?

PBS – Short term for Bicycle Rental Schemes? Bicycles can be picked up at any self-serve bicycle station and returned to any other bicycle station.

The bicycle best used for shorter trips or "first or last mile connectivity", distances that are considered too far to walk from public transport to the home or the work places and vice-versa.

Where I can get the Application Form?

You can collect the application form from any of the Cycle Shelters nearest to you or you may download it from our Website: www.greenolution.in

What are the charges for hiring Bicycle?

Charges for hiring the Bicycle shall be Rs.10/- per hour or part thereof.

Is there any security to be given?

There is no security to be given. Rs.50/- to be paid with the Application Form shall be charged into a Smart Card which can be used by the Card Member for using bicycle.

Can we keep bicycle overnight?

Technically, it is not allowed because in that case there shall be shortage of bicycles at the Cycle Shelter next day. In case of emergency, the Commuter must inform Cycle Shelter Attendant before closing time. In that case, charges shall be Rs.100/- towards night charges.