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Greenolution – As the name itself suggests, is the short form for ‘The Green Revolution’. The motto of our company is to make the citizens of the country understand the environmental and economical hazards due to pollution and traffic congestion and for them to make a difference and become a part of this Revolution. Our aim is to reduce traffic congestion, noise and air pollution emissions and once again make our cities livable by implementing and promoting Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme (PBS) which is a result of the shared economy model.

Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme: is a method which provides last mile connectivity and commuting options while travelling short distances throughout the City, to all its citizens. Cycles are available to be picked up from one area and then can be dropped at a different location once you are through with your work. This system works best in the form of clusters of bikes, where the availability of cycles and options for pick up and drop are multiple in numbers. Over the last 7-8 years from when we opened our first cycle shelter at Vishwavidhyalaya Metro Station, we have been able to adjust and evolve the PBS Scheme and make it more user-friendly and effective for everyone especially for the end user. Globally, PBS / Bike Sharing Schemes, are playing a huge part in reducing traffic and pollution in cities worldwide (China, Europe, USA), making them cleaner, safer and more people friendly, where the emphasis is on human and environmental growth.

It is our endeavor to make cycling, the chosen urban method of commuting especially for short distances for all citizens of our cities and our country by providing them with a simple, yet modern and effective way to use cycles as a mode of Public Transport through automation and greater availability at a multitude of locations throughout the city. We have been working tirelessly towards enhancing the experience of PBS for the citizens by introducing new systems and technologies and moving towards effective implementation. Our aim is for the cycles to be available at every nook and corner of the city, then states and finally throughout the county, by introducing the PBS systems throughout the country (through Govt. Agencies), Educational campus’s, RWA’s, large size office campus’s etc, and thus turning the whole city and the country into one community, working towards a common goal and bringing everyone closer together through realization of the importance of health, economic and environmental sustainability not just for themselves but also the city that they live in.

PBS promotes the Shared Economy model in every way where the resources of the city and the people are pooled together to reduce traffic congestion, noise and air pollution levels and together work towards reducing the carbon foot-print of each citizen one bike ride at a time and also optimizing public services. Recent studies have shown, that the city of Delhi, which is the capital of our Country loses an estimated Rs. 60,000/- crores annually due to congestion and pollution, which is expected to go up to Rs. 98,000/- crore by 2030, if steps are not taken immediately to address this issue. So the time to wake up and start making a difference is today, before it gets too late.

We, at Greenolution as citizens of this country and as world citizens, have taken it upon ourselves to do what it takes to get as many individuals as possible to join this Revolution and decongest our cities, reduce the abysmal pollution levels throughout the country and as a result, reduce the carbon emission levels, making our cities livable again. Because, this isn’t just our fight, it’s a fight for every human being, to improve the quality of not just our own lives but also those of our future generations, because Life is Beautiful and we deserve to Live it Well.

Come, join the Revolution and help make a difference, one pedal stroke at a time Come, Let Us Cycle!!




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